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Quick facts

•Full-service maintenance consulting and maintenance management software firm

•Founded in 1978

•HQ: Sandy, UT



Rushton International & Associates specializes in providing maintenance consulting and maintenance management software to fleets, plants, mines and facilities worldwide.

Rushton International began in 1978, meaning over 42 years of experience stands behind our preventive maintenance management techniques and our maintenance management software .

This experience makes it possible for us to effectively serve a diverse range of industries , including, but not limited to, the following:

• Mining
• Construction
• Transportation • Cement
• Manufacturing • Utilities


Maintenance consulting

Our maintenance consultants are all experienced maintenance professionals who specialize in the following:

• Implementing & improving preventive maintenance management programs
• Decreasing equipment downtime
maintenance consulting
• Cutting maintenance costs
• Preventing maintenance emergencies
• Motivating employees
• Increasing productivity
• Improving inventory and purchasing processes

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Maintenance Management Software

Sabre64 is a complete maintenance management software program that handles all the details related to maintenance, inventory and purchasing:  When fully completed this new version will have desktop, web and mobile versions so users can access the database no matter where they are as long as they have internet access.

• Preventive maintenance setup and scheduling
• Front-line cost collecting
• Equipment performance and maintenance
maintenance management software
• Work Order creation and tracking
• Inventory issuing and receiving
• Purchase Order and requisition creation
• Warranty tracking and claim creation
• Fuel and lube consumption monitoring
• Tire, Component and Wear material analysis
• Reporting

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