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sabre64's Component & Wear Material Features

A component is a subsystem of a piece of equipment (i.e. engine, transmission, differential). A wear material is a part that is used on a piece of equipment until it wears out, and then is thrown away (i.e. brake pads, oil filters, etc.). Both components and wear materials are often viewed as "little things" that don't need to be monitored. Rushton International believes that those "little things" can end up affecting maintenance and profits in big ways.

sabre64 Maintenance Management Software contains all the tools necessary to track components' and wear materials' performance and costs.



Wear Materials

•Monitors components and wear materials with two separate modules, fulfilling unique reporting requirements.

•Tracks performance and costs of each individual component/wear material.

• Calculates a projected date for the "death" of a component/wear material, giving the user time to plan and schedule the change-out in advance.

• Alerts the user when a component/wear material is due for change-out.

•Allows the user to schedule the change-out of components/wear materials nearing the end of their projected lives, preventing components from failing while in service.

•Tracks warranty information and monitors the status of each component's/wear material's warranty.

•Keeps track of each component's/wear material's current and historical location.

•Graphically shows exactly where a component/wear material is located on a specific piece of equipment, allowing the user to electronically install or remove a component/wear material using simple drag-and-drop techniques.



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