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Sabre64's Special Features

Language Translation

•Allows the user to easily translate field labels into almost any desired language using a "Quick Translation" tool.

•Allows each user within a company to use the program in a different language if desired.

System Security

•Assigns group or individual rights on a module-by-module basis.

•Requires users to log-on with a username and password.

•Allows administrators to customize security to fit specific needs.


•Analyzes and tracks all information with hundreds of compiled Fast Reports .

•Allows the user to set limits for new or existing reports.

•Includes reports to monitor equipment, employees, performance, consumables, warranties, production, inventory, purchasing, vendors, preventive maintenance, work orders, tires etc.

Email Options •Emails reports, orders, schedules or requests at the click of a button.
Custom Interfacing •Interfaces to almost any outside accounting, payroll or software dispatch system.
Archiving •Keeps software fast and efficient by allowing auto-archiving or work orders more than a year old.
Narrowing Search Lists

•Narrows any list in Sabre64 as each letter or number is entered into a search field.

•Instantaneously finds any record.


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