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Inventory Management software Features

Sabre64 Inventory Management Software works hand-in-hand with Sabre64 Purchasing Mangement Software to provide a complete materials control system. The Inventory Management Software can be purchased individually, as part of a complete Sabre64 Maintenance Management Software package, or as part of a Sabre64 Inventory and Purchasing Management package.

Inventory Management

•Issues, receives, adjusts, moves and returns inventory.

•Allows the user to locate any part within seconds.

•Allows requisitioned inventory to be charged directly to the corresponding work order.

•Runs in average cost or FIFO mode.

•Provides a complete inventory history.

•Allows multiple manufacturer numbers and locations per unique stock number.

•Monitors the exact location of a part (building, aisle, bin).

•Prints barcodes.

•Tracks maximum, minimum and reorder quantities. Notifies the user when reorder is necessary with a simple report.

•Monitors physical count intervals and prints count sheets.



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