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We hope you enjoy this collection of articles on planned maintenance, preventive maintenance and productivity.

An Introduction to Planned Maintenance -defines planned maintenance, and outlines departmental responsibilities when implementing a planned maintenance system.

Why Planned Maintenance? -discusses why planned maintenance is essential.

The Connection Between Maintenance and Production -discusses the important role maitnenance plays in production.

Maintenance Productivity -discusses how employee productivity affects a maintenance program, and offers suggestions for gauging productivity and conducting work sampling.

Maintenance Backlog Management -outlines an effective approach towards maintenance and work order backlog management.

The Truths -lists ten basic truths that impact any maintenance program.

PM Work Sheets -discusses PM work sheets, and gives an example of how to create an effective one.

PM Work Sheet Tips -lists eight important points to remember when creating effective PM work sheets.

Maintenance Management & The Electrical Effort - gives simple tips for making electrical maintenance part of a total preventive maintenance program.




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